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Case Studies

Interactive Learning based games for major USA university
The Challenge
The project was to develop a self-learning, interactive based tutorial “games” [basically Maths, Science, English, Geography, etc] for the age group of 5-10 years for a world-renowned university in USA based on local curriculums.
The Requirement
The University special program wanted to develop this project to enhance the learning skills of students in local schools in different areas such as:  how to learn to identify time on a traditional clock, how to use calculator, how to  identify different shapes, how to identify different currencies, how to solve different maths quizzes, physics problems involving distance
& measurement, fractions ,scale thermometers etc.,  but at the same time it should be in a way that  keep the fun element  alive and helps them grasp concepts easily & quickly.
Orionís Solution:
Worked out the complete structure,idea,concept  of more then 15 different games with each having more than 10 different sub-categories
Create different situations for all different games so can it help student to learn faster
Create complete layout with advance animation, character and animated objects
Records and mix situations based different sounds for each category and sub-category
Technology applied was: usage of Flash Mx 8 Advance Action Script 2.0 with the concept of OOPS which support of interaction, drag and drop ,sound control
Compress each segment of different game file in to single execution file, so only a single click will guide the child about all different categories about any particular learning game.
We designed the complete game in a way that it can be played via internet, desktop pc or via a mobile device.
Advanced Search engine for the Irish Government
The Challenge
The project was to develop a search engine with specialized designing layout on the lines of popular browsers but with several restricted parameters to suit the government department requirements, but still be available in public domain.
The Requirement
The Irish government wanted to develop a search engine for their official web-site which can be used both for general purpose and restricted to their particular domain along with an attractive designing layout.
Orion’s Solution:
Worked out the complete Layout and Designing for the site
Design was based on making it compatible with both general and restricted patterns to the particular domain.
Multiple platform solutions were offered for flexibility to client, thus offering them choice based on current & future Server/Software platforms they may wish to employ
Technology used: 1) PHP5 ,XSLT and XML with Apache as Server
2) ASP.NET with IIS6.
Logistics/Moving Company Management System – a North American Portal application for transport of Home Items and Automobiles
The Background
This portal offers an array of services to make a Moving Company more productive and reliable from Customer to Sales person/Managers standpoint. It also offers the end user a friendly application for online quotations and online booking for their household goods, Office Items and vehicles for movement between inter City locations, State or Countrywide.
The Requirement
The scope of this application was to develop these three individual modules that make up the core system. This Portal consists of three distinct but integrated systems
1. The Customer module: This website would be used by the customers (end user) and would allow them to get a quote for their move, modify their move details, book additional services and pay for their move.
2. The Administrator module: This website would be used by the staff. This application is a CRM type application used to manage the potential customers (leads), jobs and carriers as well as contain a series of management & statistical tools used by sales staff.
3. The Carrier module:  This website would be used by the carriers. The carriers would able to view new jobs available and would be able to request jobs.
Orion’s Solution:
Application approach designed & built on advanced Microsoft Technology .NET framework 2.0 with AJAX support for speed and reliability.
Database designed in SQL Server 2005, the most robust database on the market.
Whole application designed using N-Tier Architecture.
Business logic is designed based on client’s requirement. Logic designed was simple and compact and is developed to take into account business changes in the future. For any modification in the business rules, there would be no need to change anything in the presentation layer.
Built in facility for End User to customize their Emails Templates with the Use of Template Engine.
Integrated the Payment gateway for smooth transaction both for client and end user.
Web Based support for all the default prices and application settings whereby the user can change at any time with the online data base backup & restore as well.
Online reports that gives client to see his daily, weekly or monthly turnover as well as profits.
Application Log Tracking also provided for tracking all the changes done in application.
Portal offers a number of tools to customize the software in a number of ways in order to offer more efficiency and maintain their corporate identity