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Systems integration

We offer systems integration services to clients whereby the centre-piece of organizational focus is Data & Information, and the need for protecting this and ensuring that any new technology introduced covers for continuity of older investments made. By this approach, clients stay focused on their business objectives, while we provide the technology elements to meet the change.

Systems Integration Services

Systems integration is the complex process of bringing together hardware, software, middleware, firmware, etc, to apply Information Technology to solve business processes. This activity requires a review and understanding of several distinct technologies, with the objective of providing compatibility and interoperability among all different or disparate components, be it hardware, software or other. We have developed various in-house methodologies and practices needed to successfully manage systems integration projects.

In addition, our system integration services can be viewed as a One-Point Contact approach for project accountability, project co-ordination and project delivery covering activities such as specifications, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

Benefits Overview

Protect & Capitalize on existing investment in technology and also minimize the risks of introducing new technologies & interfaces
Seamless responsiveness to change, whereby end-users are not unduly affected, by integrating existing or new business processes and technology
Retain productivity & efficiency parameters
Provide lasting solutions in disparate technologies via rapid Interfaces development and deployment
Adapt faster to changing market trends and demands via any such integration services.