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On-site Programming Services

On-site programming services serve to enhance a client's on-site project delivery by augmenting the resident teams with professionals from OSS. This is widely practiced within industries and the benefits are also known to most IT and IS managers. We would recommend on-site programming services to clients who do not have a ready specification or who are not clear about their overall scope of in-house application development. OSS is in a position to provide multi-level resources depending on individual client demands and requirements. Typically, OSS has noticed that most clients ask for analyst / programmer level resources and / or system architects to contribute to their in-house projects or those that they are developing for their end clients.

OSS differs from others by the approach it takes to such contracts. Its approach covers the following:  

Broad matching of client requirements with our skills base
Fine-tuning the selection to a specific set of resources
Detailed discussions with selected resources both internally as well as with end-client
Technical re-testing for exact skills to be used on the project
Transparency of grading with end-client
Final selection after client approval
Deployment on-site
Management of resources via standard administration and HR processes
All on-site resources deployed are on company's payroll thereby ensuring continuity & better control on work by both client and company
Replacement or temporary "fill in" provisions also offered with our agreements to cover for holiday period/emergencies, depending upon type of agreement sought by clients
Cross Training suggestions also considered, including cost sharing, should any client feel it is needed for its future projects & would benefit all parties
Good HR practices in place to ensure long-term association between deployed resources & OSS thus allowing for clients to consider long term engagements & development plans