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Outsource to Win!

Outsourcing /Off Shore initiatives:

Outsourcing is not a new concept by any measure, and the more visible industry to have derived its benefits is the Software Industry. Software Outsourcing or Off-Shoring has been in practice between the West and India for over 2 decades now, and the fact that it continues its growth path is an indication that there must be a host of tangible and intangible benefits in it for everyone, especially any end client considering this option.

Some Strategic reasons to consider outsourcing...

Redefine & Energize your own Business Focus : Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their own business issues while leaving the routine or operation or even functional tasks to someone else, thus utilizing its core competencies in a more effective manner. Your own staff can be positioned for better utility within the organization while your outsourcing partner does the rest.

Have an added Infrastructure Base with minimal cost implications

Companies could often have infrastructure & resource limitations thereby restricting their own abilities to take on more work, new work, or technically innovative work within current arrangements. Large cash outlays for short or undefined project work are not feasible. Outsourcing allows for these barriers to be broken via Remote Teams and Infrastructural arrangements. Partnering with an organization with these capabilities offers access to added resources, new technology, tools and techniques that the organization can look toward while pursing its own growth & business initiatives.

Reengineering Benefits

Outsourcing is also a by-product of business process reengineering. It allows an organization to immediately realize the vast benefits of reengineering, and by having an external arm take care of this normally complex process in a more cost and time efficient manner.

Risks Reduction & Adapting to markets

with new technologies on the block at an accelerated frequency, it is simply impossible for any organization to “ stock up” on all these skills and also have the ready-knowledge base to cater to market needs. There are risks also attached to this. When companies decide to outsource they become more flexible, less exposed and better able to change or adapt to changing market opportunities and situations.

Improve your bottom-line without compromises on work deliveries!

There are Strategic economic gains in the outsourcing process, and these clearly translate to better bottomlines for companies, and hence better value for its stakeholders. Work deliveries can not only be held, but enhanced via the outsourced function, and the larger benefit would be a global competitive position for companies who outsource.