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Remote Support Services

OSS offers remote support services in the areas of system administration, database management and network support. With the changing trends within the industry, it is now a recognized fact that companies no longer need to have teams of such dedicated technical support staff to manage their systems, which quite simply could be an out-sourced function. Improvements in bandwidth and Internet technologies make managing computing resources remotely a very real and attractive possibility. The key benefits of out-sourcing support services include:  

Economic considerations
Support across time-zones
Larger pool of economic resources to offer 24x7 support services
Instantaneous fault isolation and resolution
Flexible timescales for shutdown and routine maintenance
100% coverage at all times, including weekends and holidays

Irrespective of the size of the site, be it a larger enterprise or a small multi-user environment, services such as trouble-shooting and diagnostics can be provided under simple agreement contacts. Assuming that most clients have highly secured infrastructures in place, once an agreement has been reached, OSS would be given the necessary authorization levels to offer transparent and effective support services.

In case of third-party application support, OSS would be willing to undertake the support function provided source code is made available to the technical team.