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Most organizations have information needs that usually cannot be satisfied by off-the shelf solutions but rather by those that are bespoke (tailored)  to fit individual organizational needs. Typically, this is done by either adopting the on-site services model or the off-shore services model and sometimes, a hybrid of the two models.

OSS is dedicated to providing unique and specialized services which allow organizations to leverage over competitors. With a broad range of expertise and proven experience in multiple platforms, applications, hardware and environments, OSS delivers high quality cost-effective solutions.

The range of professional services offered by OSS include the following:

Software Development Services

Complete software development life cycle solutions that encompass systems study, design, analysis and enhancement, programming, implementation, testing, documentation and maintenance 

Systems Integration Services

Quality systems integration solutions covering varied customer needs, including customized software application integration as well as integrating with disparate operating environments, operating languages, networks and associated hardware 

On-site Programming Services

High-level, quality and delivery oriented consultants skilled in the specific business / operational areas of software applications and technologies to meet client projects based on client guide-lines 

Remote Support Services

24x7 remote support services for both software and hardware environments by highly trained personnel with specialized experience in different aspects of remote support 

Testing Services

We all know that you cannot produce 100% bug free software. But to go to the other extreme and say that software producers should have no liability whatsoever strikes us as absurd. 

Data Analytics & BI Services

These services are specifically aimed at companies who have solved part of the IT-outsourcing problem by subscribing to a Software as a Service (Saas) solution