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Testing Services: Procedure, Types and Tools information

By definition, Software testing is a process used to help identify the correctness, completeness and quality of developed application software. Whilst there are multiple approaches to this topic, effective testing is essentially a process of reiterations, sampling, creating extreme condition, etc rather than something which is followed by the book rules alone. In order to really explore testing limits for any application, these must be subjected to both standard and non-standard conditions for robustness.

We offer both Manual & Automated testing services. In executing any testing project, our testing team implements a systematic procedure which includes: Preparation of Detailed Test Plans & Client Approvals, Test Case development based on Application specifics or environment related, reverse engineering of applications with undocumented code, agreeing Reporting Templates, etc.

Orion Software Services carries out the following Tests [sample list] as part of its offerings:

Functional [ Manual & Automated] Testing
Load & Performance Testing
Regression Testing
Scalability Testing
Systems/Integration Testing
Soak Testing
Volume Testing
End-to-End Testing
Black Box Testing
White Box Testing

Tools that our team has had experience in.[ sample list]

Business cycle test Rational Robot
Load test tools Segue's SilkTest
Performance test tools WinRunner
Regression test tools QuickTest Pro
Test management tools Rational Visual Test
Testing tools repository Rational Robot
Worksoft's Certify    

Typically, all our Test Team members are regular employees of the firm, and the team composition would include

Test Manager
Test Team Leaders
Test Enginers
Test Co-ordinators
QA Specialists

Similar to normal Off Shore & On Site services, Orion also offers Testing Services on an outsourced basis. The benefits of Outsourcing are covered under Outsource to Win! section of our website. Please contact us with your requirements.