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Testing Services

We all know that you cannot produce 100% bug free software. But to go to the other extreme and say that software producers should have no liability whatsoever strikes us as absurd.

Malfunctions caused by sometimes bizarre and frustrating glitches are becoming harder to prevent now that software controls everything from credit cards to everyday appliances to major power plants. Yet, experts say computerized systems could be a lot more reliable if only the industry were to make it so. And many believe it would help if software makers were held accountable for their sloppy programming.

At Orion Software Services, we believe that Software Testing is of prime value and a software testing process that does not incorporate standards based processes and practices, is ineffective and can deeply jeopardize the future or deployment of ANY software- be it a product developed for the market, or an in house application.

While Testing Services remain a unique offering to clients both on an Outsourced or On Site basis, internally we ensure the presence of a full fledged team to cater to any work produced. The Orion Software Services team comprises of Lead Testers, Quality Analysts, apart from competent testing engineers. Our team delivers services that give our clients the extra edge essential to ensure robustness and quality of their software..

Orion Software Services have recognized that robust testing of software development is a much more critical area within the SDLC than many companies appreciate - and it is an area where one can not compromise. To do so is to risk serious post implementation problems and complaints from customers with a significant adverse affect on your Return on Investment.

A big advantage of using an independent third party to formulate test scripts or perform full functional and performance testing is that their approach is not influenced, consciously or subconsciously, by preconceived ideas of how the application should function. They will look at the requirements to be fulfilled and then design scripts and procedures to thoroughly test the software.

Our Objectives:

To help any client reduce the cost of software development and eventual support costs

Irrespective of the technology or skills employed the IT industry and clients are aware that software development is an expensive process. Robust testing of the software is essential and a necessary overhead cost to ensure that the product works as predicted and without serious risk of failure leading to poor ROI or even worse still, compensatory claims.

Orion Software Services has established its off-shore facility and has undertaken a number of successful testing projects for European and US customers, both on on-site & off shore basis.

Some other suggestions you may find of use:

Extra effort upfront to determine well defined requirements

This is one early stage where clients can help reduce their on-going and future costs. It is essential that clear and precise requirements for the development team are given to reduce defects creeping in and delays to project plans. This saves costs to both developer and client

Ensure standard unit, system and integration testing during the development process

At this stage it is easier for developers to spot errors and rectify these before passing it onto a professional testing process. This causes most defects to be found by the developer at a stage where they can be efficiently resolved

Practice code inspections and reviews to help reduce the amount of rework

Any mistake spotted must be rectified, and this calls for rework, which means time and cost. By practicing the use of code inspections and reviews a company can reduce the number of defects being detected during testing and hence reduce the amount and cost of rework required.

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