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Data Analytics & BI Services


Dedicated Business Process Analysts

These services are specifically aimed at companies who have solved part of the IT-outsourcing problem by subscribing to a Software as a Service (Saas) solution, but still need analysts to "run the tool". OSS can augment your in-house staff by providing specialized analytical and administrative personnel to manage a variety of cloud-based applications. These include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Distribution Channel Management (DCM), Human Resource Management (HRM) and various financial and accounting applications.


Data Transcription Services

OSS have successfully executed Data/Interview Transcription Services for a major University in Illinios, USA. The transcription services included both voice and hard copy data which needed to be documented and presented in predefined formats in use by the University. typically while this service is open to the Education Sector worldwide [ English speaking countries] the same can also be extended to Corporates / Law Firms etc where a vast amount of data is recorded in various formats and later need to be organized and saved in .doc format for future reference.