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Data Analytics & BI Services



Data Analytics is a management consultancy service which is committed to optimizing the exploitation of information in organizations. Our consultants improve organizations’ capacity to collect, store, extract, cleanse, transform, aggregate and analyze data and, most importantly, convert that analysis into value-creating action. Clients could be located geographically in any continent to avail of this service.



Years of data from the business may have been poured into your organization’s systems, but unless you have a Corporate Statistician on payroll, you are not exploiting this gold mine of information about your customers, suppliers, employees and finances. Our services allow for a remote team of “ business Intelligence/Statisticians” located with us to carry of the desired function and give you that added edge in your business modelling, business analysis and critical outputs to enhance your decision making process.



Once you have the information in a common pool, it is time to use it, and use it intelligently. We can independently develop innovative strategy and/or lead your executive team through a proven quality strategy development process. We realize that each strategy is unique, and all client needs are unique as well, hence our work plans are the best response to your particular organization’s unique situation.


Action Plan

You probably know what needs to happen but how do you get the strategy up and running quickly, and with economic balance? This is where our team takes over. We have helped our clients in all of the above and more.

The services we can offer would typically fit any Industry domain where there is a chain involved, typically Principals, Master Distributors, Regional distributors, Prime Retailer, Secondary & Multiple retailers etc – which pretty much applies to most common industries.