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iPhone Apps

The power of iPhone & iPad needs no introduction. These devices have changed the way people work and even changed the way we live. And with the advent & global availability of such products, it comes the possibility of a host of countless applications that can make a definite impact in all work domains &  all age groups.

Orion Software Services have recognized this fact and have been developing applications for generic use. With iPhone, businesses are already reaping benefits by entering early into the market by getting industry or business specific applications developed on this platform. iPhone Apps is slowly but surely growing to be a must-have feature.

The scope for iPhone Apps is not just limited to businesses only, but also finds easy extension in various Industry Domains such as Games, Education, Social Networking, Entertainment, Tours & Travels, Education, Health & Fitness, Medical, Transportation and many more..

Orion Software Services have created unique applications for the iPhone and these are hosted on the Apple Stores. More are in development phase.

Color Splash

Customized Quiz               

Fill The Sequence              

Geo Shapes

Maths Game

Shrinathji Darshan

Spot the moment

Spot the difference

Name What You See

Stop The Ball

Name The Fruit

Name The Vegetable

Name The Flower

Name The Bird

Name The Animal

MathTest I

MathTest II

MathTest III

MathTest IV

MathTest V
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