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PSApphire is successfully installed and operating at client sites such as Addax Petroleum, Switzerland and the Direction Générale des Hydrocarbures (DGH), Gabon. Other globally established companies in the field are currently evaluating the same for their use.

A brief history and ownership rights of PSApphireis described here.

Petrolin, a Pan-African oil and gas company, and Stephenson and Associates, experts in exploration and production information management, joined forces to develop the PSApphire range of information management services and tools, which help companies and countries collect, secure, manage and access their information assets. 

The  PSApphire team is managed by Stephenson and Associates Limited and is available to undertake projects worldwide. Stephenson and Associates, owners of PSApphire, is an international consulting company specializing in Information and Communication Technologies and Information Management, with a world-wide reputation as experts in this field.  Consultants are located in different parts of the world and brought together to form teams for specific projects typically where complexities demand a major team oriented approach to provide a solution..

Orion Software Services has been a member of the PSApphire team and is involved in the development and promotion of the PSApphire data management tools and is geared to provide its services specific to PSApphire anywhere around the globe where the product is ordered.

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