Welcome to Orion Software Services!

Orion Software Services (OSS) is established as a Software Services company to provide Quality IT Services to a global market.

Customer delight is our open agenda.

Orion’s Vision

“To adapt to Market, Business & Technology dynamics which drive our customers businesses and maintain competent Human Assets / skills base of resources and services which customers would use to add value to their business processes while remaining focused on their own core businesses”. This translates into more of a partnership with customers where mutual growth is a common agenda.

Orion’s Mission

“Recognizing our abilities & strengths, to constantly add-value to clients & associates, and grow profitably by offering solutions built on cooperative interactions and value, and emerge a Global company.”

Orion’s Quality Considerations

“To globally offer standards based resources and services as a de-facto element, which allows them to appreciate the value-add proposition and consistency of our solutions from a technical as well as a commercial standpoint”.

People – Our True Assets

No matter what business one runs, it is ONLY the people that make the difference – and that is why we remain focussed on this key aspect to ensure that our team comprises of the right level & quality of people, with positive mind-sets, experience and attitude to match project needs. Be it in-house development or offering resources for on-site work, PEOPLE FOCUS remains a KEY element of our business & organization strategy.

Technology Focus and Our Areas Of Expertise

In today’s rapidly changing technology environment, it becomes imperative for businesses to adapt & and embrace such emerging technologies to remain competitive in their respective businesses. Globalization & Open Markets make this issue more critical. At OSS, we see this as a key differentiator which we contribute in our partnership with clients to ensure that their positions are not compromised.

Using our business expertise, combined with our competence in leading-edge technologies, we would offer “best options” for keeping ahead from an overall market delivery standpoint.

Based on its experience, OSS provides clients with objective/practical advice and ultimately a robust and scalable solution for their business needs.
Generic core strength area include

Programming Languages : Java, C / C++ , C#,Embedded C,.Net.JSP,PHP
Database Design and Administration: Oracle, SQL Server
Networking: TCP/IP, Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS, SNMP, Wireless
SAP Consultants, DataWarehousing Consultants, Project Managers

Owing to the diverse technologies available in the market place, it is not possible to represent all prevailing technologies here. However, should you have a specific requirement related to any specific technology, please contact us and we will respond with our ability to meet your requirements.

Domain Experience

The company has the technical ability to work in following domain :

Healthcare Industry Development of complete Healthcare ERP for USA markets
Banking Industry Online credit card system, Conversion project from X to Y technology, Integration of disparate applications
Embedded Manufacturers / Integrators Theft prevention / detection and reporting system
Petrochemical Industry DBA services
Transportation / Logistics Industry Automated signalling systems, DBA services (Oracle and SQL), New application development
Software houses Staff augmentation, in-house application rewrites
Domain Registrars Complete application development and management systems
Oil & Exploration Wells Database & Mapping & complete GIS Parameterisation
Retail Sector Integrated Software & Interfaces for footfalls measurement
Document Management/Imaging Turn-key Consulting & solutions co-ordination
Intelligent Applications Pilot Projects using Agent based approach
Animation[2-D/3-D] Animation for Educational Software & Games
Mobile Computing Multiple application developed under IOS and Android for general use
ERP[Enterprise resource planning] Packaged business solutions for cross section of industry.
Data Analytics For global product/#consumer oriented applications.
SEO For government database.
Websites Designing and Development For large commercial enterprises
Visual Effects(VFX) For the Entertainment,Advertisement and Education industry


Case Studies


Distributors/Resellers Channels Management Services for a Global company
The Challenge
To structure channels data collection & sales reporting and also automate / streamline all processes that are crucial to get companies’ dynamic information and business intelligence required for critical processes and essential Management Decision making data.
The Requirement
In much the same way that the organization’s own sales and distribution activities need to be monitored and managed, so are those of the distribution chain. In practice, many organizations use a mix of different channels which may complement a direct sales-force calling on the larger accounts, or via with agents, covering the smaller customers and prospects. For either channel, vast amounts of valuable data need to be reviewed, mapped, and processed so that it turns to meaningful data for the organization.
Orion’s Data Analytics Services, with the background of clients Business Intelligence tool was tasked to help achieve this objective.
Orion’s Solution:
With the use of client prescribed BI Tool, Orion’s Team assisted in handling ‘live’ data and pool of unstructured reports and provide meaningful reports and statistics back to the client on immediate basis. Ares which we covered for this global client includes.
Sales and Data Analysis
Channel Data Management
Inventory Management
Incentive/Commission Management
Distribution Channel Control
Revenue Management
Data summarization and visualization
Data analysis and modelling
Report writing
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