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Job Posting Date:16-Jan-2019


Cross Platform Mobile Application Developer

Description Implement mobile solutions on a variety of platforms
Interface with cross functional and on site and off site teams during the development and testing process
Follow group development and industry best practices
Build and nurture positive working relationships with team and exceed client expectations
Experience 1-2 Yrs
Other Skills Good analytical skills.
Good communication skills (written & oral).
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Location Baroda / Vadodara, India
Profile Specifics Very strong in object oriented concepts & design patterns
A combination of web development experience and application development on a major mobile platform like Android/iOS is desired
Extensive knowledge of JavaScript cross platform development in mobile space.
Sound technical knowledge of JavaScript framework and libraries (jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Ext JS, RequireJS, Raphael.js, QUnit, Sinon.JS)
Experience of front end mobile application development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
Knowledge of hybrid mobile development using Appcelerator, PhoneGap tools.
Knowledge of JavaScript Charting tools like DoJo, jqPlot, Chart.js etc
Experience in responsive mobile web development
Educational qualifications M.C.A/B.E/B.Tech

Senior Java Developers

Description  The positions are for a Java Developers involving doing
development & involves essential skills of Java with concepts of OOPS,
Collections, Multi- Threading etc, SQL, Spring Core and SQL.Knowledge
of working in Agile Team with DevOps principles would be an additional
Experience 3-4 years
Other Skills – Ability to work independently or in a Team
– Good Communications skills
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Location Baroda / Vadodara, India
Profile Specifics  Core Java, Hibernate/Toplink, Spring-
(IOC/AOP/MVC), Angular JS/ Node JS
-Responsibilities include- Developing and managing custom integration
To work with Agile methodology and environment & To create UML class diagrams
To perform source code management and versioning
Educational qualifications Minimum of a BE/ B.TECH/ MCA or equivalent with computer background.

VFX Artists/Engineers

Description Work closely with internal Development teams to create
VFX for characters, modes of transport, multi-terrain landscapes.
Receive client inputs and provide prototypes on work packages for
approvals.Review prior clients work and offer suggestion for
Experience 2-3 years
Other Skills  Understanding of animation characters and expressions
Good communication skills
Ability to make client related presentations
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Location Baroda / Vadodara, India
Profile Specifics Collaborate with the VFX Lead to understand VFX requirements
Generate impressive real-time visual effects using VFX tools
capabilities if client approvals required in live environments
Innovate & Create characters, bring them to life and integrate
to meet client specifications.
Test all work internally to ensure ability to execute on client
specified environments
Educational qualifications  Art/Design Degree or Diploma with proven skills in Animation
tools etc/ Engineers with similar experience

Senior PHP Developers

Description – Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers

– Build efficient, testable, and reusable PHP modules

– Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges

– Integration of data storage Solutions

– Write well designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices

– Create website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS practices

– Integrate data from various back-end services and databases

– Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs

– UI Integration with programming infrastructures like mainly PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js etc.

– Create and maintain software documentation

– Be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling our SaaS application backend

– Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities

– Cooperate with web designers to match visual design intent

Experience 5-7 years
Other Skills – Ability to work independently or in a Team
– Good Communications skills
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Location Baroda / Vadodara, India
Profile Specifics Having Strong knowledge of PHP web frameworks

– Understanding the fully synchronous behaviour of PHP

– Knowledge of object-oriented PHP programming

– Understanding of MVC design patterns

– Top-notch programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery

– Strong knowledge of the common PHP or web server exploits and their solutions

– Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application

– User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments

– Integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system

– Familiarity with limitations of PHP as a platform and its workarounds

– Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes

– Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git

– Hands on experience of PHP, SQLite, MySQL or similar database management system

– Experience with Big Data and cloud-hosting environments like AWS/GAE (strongly preferred)

– Familiarity with at least one of the following programming and scripting languages: Javascript, bash, perl, Python or Ruby on Rails

– Solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices

– Adequate knowledge of relational database systems, Object Oriented Programming and web application development

– Hands-on experience with network diagnostics, network analytics tools

– Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation process

– Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem-solving skills

– Strong organisational skills to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets with business acumen

– Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniques

– Knowledge and familiarity with Tableau/Qlik/Fusion Charts and analytics languages R & Scala

– Understand networking and web protocols very well, can identify CPU, memory & I/O bottlenecks, solve read & write-heavy workloads

– Experience with performance, scalability, and reliability issues of 24×7 production services.

– Collaborate team centric mindset with strong communication skills

Educational qualifications Minimum of a BE/ B.TECH/ MCA or equivalent with computer background.

Senior Software Developer

Description As part of our team, you will help develop support for programming languages already available in IntelliJ IDEA as well as additional languages.
Experience 3+ Yrs
Other Skills Good analytical skills.
Good communication skills (written & oral).
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Location Baroda / Vadodara, India
Profile Specifics
  • 3 or more years of working experience in Java programming.
  • Deep understanding of OOP.
  • Multithread programming experience.
  • Ability to optimize and refactor other people’s code as well as your own.
  • Responsibility, independence, discipline.
  • Good teamwork skills.
  • Experience in developing plug-ins for IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and/or Netbeans.
Educational qualifications M.C.A/B.E/B.Tech